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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Creative Liberation

Donovan and The Beatles and other musicians made more than their share of brilliant music during those glorious late '60s, having been creatively liberated by drugs, new technologies, alternative cultures, and political upheaval. It boggles my mind to think of all that was produced during that period. My friend Michael, who'd figured this out, at one point made it his goal to collect every psychedelic album from '67-'69 from anywhere. Lofty goal, to say the least. After he'd introduced me to "After Bathing At Baxter's" by Jefferson Airplane, I was pretty much set. But this isn't about that.

This is about being an artist. This comment from a couple days ago and a follow-up tweet today made me realize I haven't talked much about my artistic motivation to paint on records or my past adventures in art. I suppose I haven't because I don't specifically think about that stuff much. I guess it's true that artists don't talk about their art much, at least as far as their personal reasons for creating.

I think this is true in large part because the art is the expression of those reasons. To explain it is kind of like explaining why a joke is funny. It's not that I don't want to, but it'd sort of defeat the purpose of the art in a way. And I don't think I'd do it well to boot.

Artistically, creatively, what's going on in my mind can't really be captured in a moment by words. That's the art's purpose. My past art influences, ideas and projects have both formed and liberated my creativity as an artist. It's not like that's over and done with. I have tricks up my sleeves.

But for now, I love creating my Vinyl Art. It is so satisfying to paint the portraits and have the pieces and concept strike a chord with as many people as it has. I do, however, have to figure out how to sell more, how to reach more of my audience, and that might lead me to pull out a couple of those tricks. So certainly stay tuned.

And those that do, by way of a simple bookmark, an RSS feed subscription, or a Twitter follow, thank you thank you thank you. That you think enough of my art, the concept and creation, and of me, the person and artist, to set aside time in your own future to pay me attention blows me away.


Donovan 01/15/09

1 comment:

Barbara(aka Layla) said...


I have missed your blog! I am just now catching up on all of my favorite blogs. I deleted my main blog when my "family crisis" hit and I had to focus 100% of my on my son.

I LOVE Donovan, have been a big fan since I was a kid.