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Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Everyone's Responsibility

Mariah Carey
So here it is! The last painting for this. I was nervous painting this morning! That doesn't happen often. I think the last time was when I painted Marley for him about a year ago. I hope this is as big a deal as it feels like. I know I'm excited.

I hope they come out good as reproductions. After I send this off this afternoon, it'll be in the hands of the gallery. We'll see!

That brings up something interesting. As an artist, usually I'm the only one responsible for my product. If the frame gets damaged somehow, en route, I am responsible for fixing it. I don't have to rely on middlemen to take the blame if something goes wrong. I like that.

This project makes me nervous because there're steps between me painting and the client receiving the art that I'm not controlling. Surprise, surprise, I'm a control freak. Like you didn't know already.

But this world, this human experiment, really is everybody's responsiblity. Yes, technically you are only responsible for yourself and your actions. But those fit in with everybody else's. Every person-to-person moment of connection ripples out into the cosmos. This is very evident publicly right now as President Obama begins his term. From executives giving huge upper-level bonuses right before declaring bankruptcy to corporations being bailed out actually ordering jets, we're taking notice. Our country, indeed the world, needs to realize our place as individuals, as part of the whole. Both matter.

Play nice. Be understanding. Realize that it's not all about you. Really. It's not. Yes, you belong in the world. Yes, you have your unique contribution to make in Life. But if it were all about you, there wouldn't be any other people, would there? Life reflects, Life puts other people in your experience for a reason, always.

How does this fact affect your day?


Mariah Carey 01/30/09

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