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Monday, January 12, 2009

Words Are Trouble, But Where Would We Be?

Richard Ashcroft
The Verve have become one of the biggest influences on my musical taste, especially since we saw them in London shortly before the release of this, their most recent album. Before my dad introduced me to music with The Beatles "Revolver" and his other albums, reading was the main form of human communication of which I availed myself. I have previously listed certain things pertinent to who I am as an artist and person. Here, then, are some of the more important influences on my literary and linguistic taste:

"Bloom County"
Edgar Allan Poe
Ray Bradbury
"Calvin & Hobbes"
"The Phantom Tollbooth"
Dr. Seuss
"Over Sea, Under Stone"
Mark Twain
Jim Kjelgaard
Robert Heinlein
"Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy"
Bill Cosby
"The Gnu And The Guru Go Behind The Beyond"

I've tried to keep this list restricted to those authors and works I discovered independently of school. For while "the classics" have their place, it's more of an academic one. These had lasting impact on my use of the English language, frought with peril as it is, for better or worse. Blame them for my ramblings. Blame my parents and childhood friends indirectly for providing me with such radical literature. I happen to thank them for it.


SOLD - Richard Ashcroft 01/12/09

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