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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On The Cusp

BeckI liked the inaugural poet's poem. It was oddly cold on the surface and warm underneath. It looked forward to the possibilities. I'm doing that now. Beck always does that with his music. He's one of those musicians, like Prince, who always sounds fresh. No matter what album you listen to of his it sounds innovative somehow. I love his uniqueness and creativity.

A cool thing about this record, which I bought new at a local record store, is that it came with an access code to download the album recorded at the highest quality possible for an MP3 directly from the vinyl master. So I get the record and the MP3s, which works out since I painted on the record. I did record the record with my iRecord as well.

I've sent the Santana and the Lennon to the gallery, and I'm waiting on the Mariah Carey record. It's certainly a relief to have the details all worked out. Now it's just the time pressure, which the gallery is feeling more than me because they still have to do the reproductions. So I sent the first two before physically receiving the contracts and initial deposit to give them more time. They did send me a scan of the signed check, and they still need the last portrait, so I felt okay about it.

I'll bend over backwards to be able to say "yes" to someone who wants my art. As long as you're on the up and up and I trust you're not trying to take me, I'll try to make it work. All you have to do is ask.


Beck 01/28/09


Jeff said...

The latest Killers album has a code to download the music too. It definitely is a lot more incentive to go out and buy the record, especially on vinyl. I think it's a smart way to encourage sales of vinyl and combat illegal downloads.

d.edlen said...

Totally, Jeff. The Verve's "Forth" has it too. It's very smart. I know the labels catch a lot of flack, but some subtle changes at the fringes are promising.