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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can!

John Lennon

I'm not one to talk politics much, not nearly as much as John here. That's for sure. But I've gotta say that THAT was one heck of a speech last night from President-elect Obama. It was moving enough to see Jesse Jackson cry. Being a skinny, Jewish, white boy, I don't feel the enormity of the day in the depths of my soul the same as a black man. It's not ingrained in who I am. But I could certainly feel the passion from those there in Grant Park.

I wonder what he would say. Or him.

And now we can officially call W a "lame duck". ;)

The message from Barack that I most respect is that he wasn't counting on our belief in his ability to bring change to Washington, but ours. Most inspiring. I hope people realize that we get to work together to make a better tomorrow. Challenges, yes, but faced with hope.

Helped me get out of bed this morning.


John Lennon 11/05/08


Jeff said...

The speech was very reminiscent of a JFK speech. The moment was so unforgettable with all those people there crying with the dream of hope. Definitely a great moment in history.

d.edlen said...

I'll defer to my man, Prince, on his always poignant blog. Make sure to read to the end.