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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Currency Of Fear

Paul McCartney

Money "Can't Buy Me Love", but how about fear?

Stephen Colbert came up with a great metaphor on "The Report" last night: the fear market, instead of the stock market. Since 9/11, fear has been increasing in value. At least that's what the government and media have been selling us. We kept trading it higher and higher, giving up freedoms and privacy. Then, the fear bubble burst, and we did it. We elected Obama.

What do we do with all this fear, all this currency, that's now suddenly worthless?

Make change. "And that's the word."


Paul McCartney 11/06/08


dbackdad said...

Love your artwork. I came over here from Imagine Echoes. I'm a fellow resident of the Valley (Glendale). My wife is a big Springsteen fan. I might have to get her something sometime soon. I'll probably bug you about it before Christmas.

d.edlen said...

Thanks! I saw your name over there and wondered, being the D'Backs state an'all.

I've done a couple Springsteen paintings. Both worked pretty well, so let me know! Also, let me know which album you'd probably want so I can be on the lookout if I don't already have it.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Brilliant post, I never thought of it this way but it sure makes sense and I am ready to see some change!

Note to dback - Hey! I am a Springsteen fan who received an original work of art done by Daniel as a birthday gift, I can assure you your wife will LOVE it! Keep it a surprise and it will blow her mind, she'll be so happy!

d.edlen said...

Thanks, Barbara. I am often impressed by the depth and cleverness of "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report". This had a particularly "bam!"-worthy punchline.

And I was hoping you'd chime in about your Springsteen!

Kitty said...

Fear is and always has been quite the commodity. History says so.