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Monday, November 24, 2008

In The Dark

Jerry GarciaDo you like surprises?

Jenn and the girls are here! Jason's family showed up for the wrong holiday! They're here from Texas for Thanksgiving and then they'll be here again for Christmas. Woohoo!

It's hard to focus on my art on a day like this, but I've got commissions! This Jerry is a gift from a woman to her husband for Christmas. He's a Deadhead who'll flip over this and she wanted to make sure it'll be a surprise.

My wife and I are terrible at keeping things like gifts secret. We just end up telling each other way beforehand or even giving each other the gifts right when we get them. I don't know what it is about secrets like that, but I've never liked them much. It's more fun just to give the present for me.

Can you keep secrets?


SOLD - Jerry Garcia 11/24/08


Mary Anne Davis said...

no, I am not so good at the secrets thing either... maybe that's why I like social media. Tell all.

Jeff said...

I'm definitely terrible at keeping secrets, at least when it comes to gifts and stuff. On a side note, what do you think of The Grateful Dead? I never understood them, and always felt jam bands like the dead were shallow and dull.

d.edlen said...

@MAD - Yeah, I like the full disclosure of social media too. It makes things simpler. i don't understand the closed nature of triiibes.

@Jeff - Good question! They never resonated with me either, but then I never went to a show in their heyday. The escape of tripping and going to big outdoor parties with music was before my time and I never felt the need to seek out its equivalent today, like Phish or Moe or the massive festivals. I like my music intimate. So communal music experiences are a bit overwhelming to me. But I do understand the draw of the jam band for those who enjoy that.