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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Would, For The Absence Of Light

Leonard Cohen
This Leonard Cohen is for this upcoming show in Ottawa here opening December 13th. Half of the proceeds from the silent auction of the pieces will go to a local charity for kids.

Subtle smudges. My other tool besides the brush, my finger, spreads dots of wet watered-down paint into tapped tiny suggestions of light, of volume. It creates basically an organically-edged wash, softened shade. The black vinyl still dominates, pulling the face back into the depths.

The depths.


SOLD - Leonard Cohen 11/12/08


Elena said...

What a particularly beautiful piece! As a lifelong Leonard Cohen nut, I would be honored to have this on my wall for all eternity. (Sadly, my husband is an anti-fan, so it would never fly.)

I'm sure it will fetch a pretty penny at a Canadian auction. Nice call!!

d.edlen said...

An anti-fan! Wow. Maybe as a peace offering he'd get you one for a holiday gift? I would love to paint this image again.

Show it to him? Maybe he'll just like it as art decor.

In any event, thanks muchly for the compliment. I hope this one does do well at auction.


szeto said...

feeling it!