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Thursday, November 20, 2008

From Green Day To Green Week

MobyHas anybody else noticed the green logos on NBC stations this week?

Yesterday I painted Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. Turns out that the band is quite active environmentally.

It also turns out that Moby, who's recorded with Debbie Harry, is outspoken about the environment as well. Both he and I recycle as a means to create our art. He samples recordings and I paint on them.

Do you think about how your actions will impact the future of humanity? Before or after you act?


Moby 11/20/08


Jeff said...

Really good painting, it looks truly three dimensional. I feel like he's actually coming off the vinyl.

d.edlen said...

Thanks! The angle of the shot and the fact that his head is so sculptural helped that illusion happen.

Kitty said...

wow. you are quite good. and I'm an art snob. I don't say such things lightly.
Excellent news regarding Green Day. I so enjoy them.
Greeness - I was raised fairly green - compost and garden - no paper plates, paper napkins, paper bags - everything was made to last and last it did - as few chemicals as possible - organic food. I am rather delighted the rest of the world is catching on.

Shanoon Hoon said...

hi again, thanks for posting.
This painting is really amazing. I know, there are picture more effective than others but anyway, amazing.