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Monday, August 11, 2008

One Way Or Another (Premier Piece Of The Elliott Collection [EC])


Helping to herald the advent of the 80s era of music, Blondie is "my music, my culture". I grew up in the 80s: Madonna, Michael Jackson, synth pop, and mainstream punk. Fusing elements of disco and German techno with pop subject matter and their punk roots, the group broke into the mainstream with their passion and authenticity.

This portrait is the first in my new exclusive Elliott Collection. This collection will be limited to the largely 80s selection of albums I received in trade. I was fortunate to be entrusted with these albums because she felt I was honoring music as passionately as she felt about the bands with whom she'd grown up.

She wanted me to paint on them. I feel a twinge of guilt using these records, though, as they are still playable. So I'm going to preserve them with my iRecord before creating my artwork. I was just asked to provide a testimonial by the support staff of my little "magic white box". I hope they use what I wrote, and maybe take me up on my offer to promote their product more officially. In the meantime, I'll keep saying I love the thing!

So, what is so exclusive about these other than the fact that I'm "ruining a bunch of perfectly good 'bad 80s' records"?

Giving. I'm going to give $100 of the $175 to your favorite charity in your name. No fine print, no fancy footwork, just straight-forward donation.

But these are it. I'll post each one here on my blog with an [EC] in the title. If you want, you can subscribe to my blog through an RSS feed or email with the links in the sidebar to your right (my left, wait, no, my right too). Please contact me by phone or email, both listed at the top of the page.

If there's more than one ravenous Debbie Harry, Steven Tyler, Tommy Lee, or Dave Gahan fan out there, then I'll offer the piece to the person with the best story of why they want the painting. I'll give each piece a little time "on the market" if there's interest in it. The reason can be related to the band, your past, or the charity. Show me your passion!



Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Once again I am linking here, every time I look at your stuff I am reminded how much I like it and WANT a few! The Plant Page is on my "wish list" now right under Bono and Bruce.

Mary Anne Davis said...

I love Blondie and in fact that was my nick name when I was in college. Heart o Glass was my theme song and my husban and my song, ca. 1979. Yikes, I feel old. :-)