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Friday, August 1, 2008

What's The Exchange Rate For Scruples?

How about "just don't care"?

Really? Wow. For money?

Don't ask me to compromise me. Won't do it. It's not even a matter of not "selling out". I'm an artist. All an artist has is who they are and how they express that. I may package myself and my work as a product so you can celebrate your passion for music, but I am not for sale.

Especially when it comes to respecting the artwork of others. I happen to kinda like the golden rule. Oh, yeah, and sleeping at night. That's good too.

So I'll interpret photographs as portrait paintings, and I'll credit the photographer of the original image if so requested. But I won't copy a painting.

I stole once. Back when I was in elementary school I went to the market with a friend. They had those big barrels of individually wrapped hard candies. He said we should take one. I did. Oh, the guilt! Wow. Never doing that again. Not gonna steal a painting.

Got it?


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