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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Controversy [EC]


"I check the box... but only because the box is there." Eden Atwood discussing her sex

I thought that was brilliantly put. Labels are terrible for society, I think. Prince certainly avoids them, even going so far as to change his name to take back control of his identity. We are not our description. Our description should only be for convenience in helping describe of who we are, not defining who we are. That's why it's a "description", not a "definition". All too often though, that convenience is corrupted and connotations are ascribed to particular words.

Words. Evil things they can be. The mere creation of a label, and subsequent group, highlights differences. Humanity is generally scared of things different, things unknown, things not understood. As a result, when a label is applied, what you aren't becomes instantly separated from you. Groups are isolated from each other. Stereotypes develop, connotations get attached when things go wrong, and groups (so defined) become mutually misunderstood, mistrusted, and even hated.

"I wish there was no black and white... we're all just the same," sings Prince.

Growing up exposed to so much creativity and culture, I was lucky to be so inundated with individuality that I don't really apply labels in my head. As my ability to listen to emotion grows, playing catchup with my ability to see without judgement, I'm realizing how broken we all are, how fears and insecurities are expressed with anger and conflict.

Listen. Understand.


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