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Friday, August 22, 2008

Keyword Conundrum

Page and Plant

When people go into Wild About Music and see this painting of Page and Plant, they're already in the frame of mind to see music-related merch and art. When visitors land on my site and particularly my blog, I suspect they aren't as prepared for what they see.

Keywords are causing this to happen. For example, when E! reruns its 101 top moments of Saturday Night Live, my 2 posts about it get a bunch of hits from people looking for information about the show, not my list of favorite comedians or review of Knocked Up. I don't know if this is a problem to be resolved or just a normal occurence for blogs, but I'm always trying to fine tune my keywords.

How did you find me?

Now that you've found me, what words would you think to use to find me intentionally through a search?

Though artwork on record albums is becoming a bit more popular, I don't think most people would even think of the concept when looking for a gift for a music-lover or for cool unique things to add to their own collection of music-related stuff. I get a lot of people searching for "vinyl art", when they're really looking for vinyl art toys or vinyl window stickers, so I also get a lot of people not even remotely looking for what I do.

So can you help the right people find me?


SOLD - Page and Plant 08/22/08


Elena said...

I found you through good, old-fashioned internet word of mouth. One of my friends bought a Hendrix piece from you as a Father's Day gift for her husband, and I was quite impressed. From there, I sent your page to my husband, who sent it to everyone who posts in his IRC forum. All of us are quite impressed.

One of these days, I will be excitedly commissioning a beautiful Bob Marley piece from you, at which point I will once again sing your praises on my blog. =)

In the meantime, I will continue to read your blog and marvel at your talent. Oh, and I'll probably go right back to lurking now, since that's what I'm best at.

Keep rocking,

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Well, how did I find you? Or did you find me? I can't remember but I am a HUGE FAN of yours now and still hoping to obtain my own personal piece of art from you soon (9/25).

I've linked you on my blog, done a few posts on your art, told some friends about you...but let me put my mind in marketing gear and think about some other ways you can get "found".

d.edlen said...

elena: was it Jess? I was really excited when she wanted that Hendrix. Thank you and your husband for passing my info along! Word of mouth is the best, and most satisfying too.

I always love doing Marley. I've got Exodus and Kaya to paint on right now, but I can always get more too.

Thank you for reading my blog! Lurking's fine too, I don't mind at all. :)

barbara: 9/25 IS soon! I really have appreciated your posts and that blog award thingy. I'm off to facebook to read your marketing ideas!

Thanks for commenting! YAY!

Mary Anne Davis said...

you know how I found you. i have no clue how to work all that seo magic and not sure i want to get into it, but there are certainly people out there who specialize in just that. i'm sure when you've gotten really good at it, i'll be askin'. as for the springsteen portrait, it is for my husband for christmas. so, no rush, but there you have it. funny, though, i was going to ask for marley if you can't find springsteen. it's that kind of day. a reggae day... :)

d.edlen said...

MAD: Marley or Springsteen would be awesome. And, yeah, no rush. Just give me around a month. Although you are farther away, hmm, month and a half to be safe.

I suppose most people'll just find me organically (read: completely randomly) but, per Seth, I've gotta always be trying new things to see who else I can reach. And when something works, do more of it.

Congrats again on the Real Simple cover! Peace.

Elena said...

Yep, it sure was Jess! And from the sounds of things, Willy loves it. =)