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Friday, August 29, 2008

Who's In Your Five?

Randy Rhoads

So I decided to do a couple more for Primitive Kool's "dead rocker" show this September. Along with Randy Rhoads and Jim Morrison, I'd love to do Bradley Nowell but Sublime vinyl is seriously expensive!

My wife and I were talking about the idea of collections. I've got my EC going, but that's restricted to the albums I received from one person. Knowing that you guys like making lists, my wife thought it'd be cool to get you involved in picking who I paint. In return you'd get a discount for pieces on your list. What do you think?

Here's how I'll work it. If you're interested in seeing me paint your favorites, leave a comment on this post with your top 5 bands or musicians. If you feel chatty, you can tell me why those are your top choices. If you feel really chatty, have a blog, and want to give me extra incentive to paint ones on your list, then do a post on your blog about your favorites and what my artwork means to you. I'm a sucker when visitors get involved!

Then I'll get to work painting as many as I can, barring huge difficulties in finding albums, and I'll post about them here. If I paint one on your list and you want to buy it, I'll give you 15% off (a little more than $25). Sound good?


SOLD - Randy Rhoads 08/29/08


d.edlen said...

By proxy, here is the first list of 5 from a new friend:

Hello Daniel,

Just read the latest and I have my top 5 for your consideration.

First of all, the painting of Randy Rhoads is fantastic and he is one of my top five.I would love to have one with Randy and his polka dot flying V.I have a photo of Randy playing his trademark guitar on the first tour with Ozzy at the Fox Theater.I also have both Quiet Riot albums with Randy which are very rare as well as a bootleg live album from the Diary of a Madman tour.I believe that Randy is and will always be one of the greatest guitarists of all time.He was an amazing musician that was developing a style of playing that mixed rock/metal with classical guitar when he was killed.Very sad ending for a wonderful talent.

My other top 4 could be-

2-Jimi Hendrix
4-Johnny Cash
5-Black Sabbath

I have run out of time and capacity to elaborate on my choices at the moment.I will try later.

Thank you for doing what you do.You have somehow changed and altered my train{trainwreck} of thoughts as of recently.Mostly for the better and definitely towards positive change.

God Bless You

Robert Benson said...

Hi Daniel!

Here is my 'list':

John Lennon- because he IS music

Donovan-one of my top five musicians

Neil Young- I have been a fan since I discovered rock and roll, in fact, the first record I ever bought was a 45rpm, "Heart Of Gold"

Bradley Nowell- It is a shame, he had so much more music left in him

Alice Cooper- another one of my favorites- he knows music and how to market it!

Love your work!

Paticus said...

Hmmm....My 5...Well, you've already done Garcia...and I know you've done Springsteen, so I'll have to drop a little lower into my list...I have looked at most of the pieces you've done(on the site, anyway) but I am sorry if I mention anyone you have done before..
1. Jackson Browne
2. Black Crowes
3. Warren Zevon
4. Tom Petty
5. Stevie Nicks


d.edlen said...

Paticus, they don't have to be ones I haven't done before necessarily, so no worries. Great choices! I did Stevie Nicks for a local radio show giveaway during her last tour, and a lady commissioned a Warren Zevon after my last show at Primitive Kool. I tried Tom Petty once but didn't find a good picture at the time. Jackson Browne would be a good one, I noticed you talking about him a bit on your blog (which is hilarious, by the way!)

Thanks for posting!

Jeff said...

I'll just go with top 5 bands

1. Pink Floyd - because of Floyd I have such a deep passion for music. I can listen to Gilmour on the guitar all day, his solos are to die for. Each note carries so much weight, guitarists now and days need to take a lesson from Gilmour, it's not about speed it's about the soul. Dark Side is the greatest album of all time in my opinion.

2. The Beatles - Their music was innovative back then and is still innovative today. They were able to mesh creativity with catchy music, and no band can match what they had been able to do.

3. Bob Dylan - Quite possibly the greatest song writer of all time. One of the few artists where I pay as much attention to the lyrics as I do with the music.

4. King Crimson - Without KC where would prog rock be? From In the Court of the Crimson King to Red, they created top notch prog.

5. The Mars Volta or Tool - I can't really decide, this 5 slot coudl be a toss up between many bands, but The Volt and Tool come to mind first. Both bands are pushing the musical boundaries and have created music that is far different than the mainstream.

Dan in SD said...

Hey Daniel,

I'm torn between creating a list of artists who are outstanding because of their music or one of artists who would look outstanding on vinyl, so I'm going to create both:

Music -

1. Bob Dylan
2. James Brown
3. Leonard Cohen
4. Bob Marley
5. Van Morrison

Look -

1. Slipknot
2. Kiss
3. Billy Idol
4. Ozzy Osbourne
5. Alice Cooper


d.edlen said...

Dan, great choices. I like your idea to create 2 lists. Certainly it's true that some music is incredible but the creators wouldn't make the best portraits. I suppose I should do a post about this actually.

The people who make the best portraits are those that have iconic images. It's not that I need to do less for the painting to be successful because everybody knows the image. Actually the opposite is true because people will be more critical if they know the image well. But when I hit it right, it has more impact because people respond instantly with "that's cool!", not with, "who's that?"

That said, the first 4 on your "Music" list have made great portraits too. So've the last 4 on your "Look" list.

Thanks for the comment, and I hope I get to paint Cohen for you.

Art Music Cinema said...

Daniel, the artwork is awesome. I had difficulty choosing my top 5.

1. Randy Rhoads
2. Led Zeppelin
3. Silverchair (Diorama and Young Modern era)
4. Kiss (The original members)
5. Bruce Lee (No, he's not a musician, but he's a huge legend and there are movie soundtracks, like Enter the Dragon.)

I will blog about your work very soon!