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Monday, August 25, 2008

Wish List

Keith Moon
Keith Moon is another one for the "dead rocker" show at Primitive Kool late in September. He indirectly inspired this list I recently posted. I kinda like lists. They give a cursory picture of taste and background. Early on in this blog I posted more lists because they came to mind then. I wasn't doing the lists, as most do, to start discussions about what should(n't) be on them, but more to let readers know who I am.

Since Jason died, though, I've been kind of a mess. I feel so lucky to have my art to create and my blog to write. Both have been very helpful in keeping my scatteredness in check. I'm so overwhelmed at the continued response I get from my work. And now visitors are getting excited enough to even subscribe to my ramblings. Who I am is becoming refocussed in this universe without my brother-in-law.

With that focus, I pay tribute to my friend Michael who loved making top 10 type lists, and present my list of music I currently want. Pretty straightforward. I haven't had a lot of extra moola to grow my music collection, but bands keep putting it out. Tomorrow comes The Verve's new release. We WILL be buying that. But here're some I know I'd like to own:

Beck's "Modern Guilt"
Wolfmother's self-titled debut
Amy Winehouse's "Frank"
Korn's untitled album
Norah Jones' "Not Too Late"
Springsteen's "The Rising"
Oasis' "Dig Out Your Soul" (coming in October; we'll probably save for it)
Kasabian's new one (when it comes out)

Also, I used to wile away the hours in used records stores listening to CDs and records that simply looked cool or different or that someone had suggested. I know my new friends Barbara and Jeff would have some great ones for me to check out.

So how 'bout it? What would you list as the 5 albums that you've recently discovered (old or new) that you think I oughta give a listen?


Keith Moon 08/25/08


Jeff said...

Thanks for the mention! I just added your blog to my links section.

I highly recomend Wolfmother's album. It was probably my favorite album of 2006. It's really unfortunate they had to recently break up. I saw a lot of potential for them.

d.edlen said...

Hey, Jeff, cool, thanks!

I'd read your review of their live show. That is a bummer about the split, but it sounds like they needed to get away from each other for some reason.

I think it was John who said that the Beatles were breaking up from the moment they got together. I guess they just got lucky that their individual musical journeys coincided for as long as they did.

d.edlen said...

Here's a list a friend emailed me:

1-Steve Vai with the national orchestra of Holland-DVD {bought it for myself for my birthday and it is amazing}

2-Henry Rollins Band-"Weight"--the video for "Liar" is hilariously dark

3-Mindy Smith-"One Moment More"

4-Mastodon-"Blood Mountain"

5-Emerson,Lake and Palmer-"Pictures At An Exhibition"

6-Jello Biafra with No Means No-"The Sky Is Falling anad I Want My Mommy"

7-Faith No More-"Epic"

8-Yngwie Malmsteen-"Rising Force" 1st album

9-Frank Zappa-"Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch"

10-The Who-"Quadrophenia"

Judging from the ones I know, I'm gonna check out the rest.

Also, my wife and I broke down and bought both "Forth" by The Verve and "Modern Guilt" by Beck. I like the packaging of The Verve's, though I'm worried the CD'll get scratched, so I might use a spare slim jewel case.

Thanks for the suggestions, Rodney!