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Tuesday, August 5, 2008



SOLVE, born Brendan McGlynn Scanlon, was a beloved artist of the people of Chicago. He was senselessly murdered back in June of this year. His friends and family received an outpouring of love which can be seen in photos when you search for "solve" on Flickr.

I had been in contact with one of his good friends, SARO, on Flickr so I wanted to do something. It took awhile to get this album, but according to SARO, Brendan liked the band RATATAT. He was in a band too, but hadn't released anything. Not too many pictures surfaced of SOLVE, but this one captured his expression well. He's done in white, and his signature stencil is handpainted in black. The black is cool because on an angle the name still shines through. I love playing with the surface difference between paint and vinyl.

Brendan was a graphic artist who inspired a great number of other street artists in Chicago. In looking through his Flickr photostream I found these two which both have comments from him as well that made me understand how special he was (maybe a younger, low-budget, slightly illegal version of Christo): - stART sign - painted box

This is a YouTube video interview of him.

SARO, BONUS and Brendan's family organized a T-shirt sale to raise money hopefully for a scholarship at some point. The site,, has a more complete bio too.

My piece is on its way to SARO to be sold at the same gallery that the memorial auction was held. I'd hoped to have mine in it, but they said they'd still sell it.

Please take the time to learn about Brendan and his outlook on life. The more people who know of him in death will make his short life all the more meaningful.


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