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Monday, August 25, 2008

Connecting Events

John Bonham - (i) inspired by photo by Dick Barnatt
September 27th on OB in SD, CA Primitive Kool Gallery is putting on a "dead rocker" show to celebrate a new school of rock, a la the Jack Black movie. I've got a bunch there from the last show I participated in that are already for sale. Bonzo is the first new one. I'll be doing Keith Moon, Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan as well.

"It's Yours Take It" in Boston looks like it was a great success. My piece made somebody smile. And I will be doing another Steven Tyler probably this week.

I'm loving the comments, so thank you. I also really appreciated the emails about Perez Hilton using my Marley piece in connection with Gwen Stefani's baby's name. The picture's down now because they're not supposed to use the thumbnail image from the photo distributor at all, much less not associated with a post about my art. This happened before, so at least this time it wasn't associated with something offensive. But this means I'm connecting! Pretty cool.

By the way, one of those connections has some pretty cool news too! Talk about exposure!


John Bonham 08/25/08

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