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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hendrix And Sex, Where's The Connection?

Vinyl Art images now distributed by WENNWow, that was weird. Kind of a traumatic moment. I checked my email this morning to find a message from a friend telling me my Hendrix painting was being used in a post on Perez Hilton's site. What?! I looked at the post, and sure enough it was there (it's not anymore, I know, keep reading). Yeep.

Good, bad, not sure, freaking out. The post has a link to a site claiming to have a sex tape of Hendrix, so that's why they used my photo. The credit for the image was given to WENN (I had sent a bunch of high quality images to a lady who worked for them in London, but she hadn't ever told me they were accepted, much less were in distribution. They probably didn't tell her either, so I'm not blaming her. I have contacted her to find out more.) but there was no connection to me. Good, bad, still not sure, confused.

I thought, well, a whole lotta people will see this, but I get no credit, but I don't really want to be associated with sex tapes, or do I? No, I hope to avoid controversy. I just want people to see my art. But they have to know it's mine. Hmm, so I commented on the post (#81). I sent an email to the lady at WENN asking for any information and filled out the online contact form for the main WENN site asking for clarification. Then I sent a nice message to the "tip" address for Perez asking for the image to be changed. After I saw the email address I kind of wished I hadn't posted the comment because now the public could see the connection to me. Good, bad, thinking worse now.

Sometimes a knee-jerk reaction out of fear isn't the best course of action, so I was worried. But then a couple minutes later I reloaded the post and the image had been changed! I was amazed at how fast that happened! I haven't received any direct contact back, but I'm glad the image is different. Then I thought, oh great, my comment makes no sense now and it has my website. So I figured I'd comment again (#82) to say thank you. Since it was the very next comment, hopefully nobody'll think I'm an idiot, though they might think I made it up. Oh well. I'm glad my painting is gone and we'll see if anything else happens.

Now on with my day. Peace.

(Like the oh-so-dry humor of my post title?)

SOLD - Jimi Hendrix 04/30/08

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