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Friday, April 18, 2008

Going 'Round In Circles

Nothing But Aging - The BeatlesSo this time I ended up testing my iRecord with an album with too much silence. Where with the last one I had to split the tracks manually, here I had to piece together the tracks. This album, "Nothing But Aging" again by The Beatles, has a couple overdub tracks and demo versions. Overdubs are tracks recorded to overlay previously recorded tracks, adding new vocals or instrumentation, so they often have stretches of silence where no new material is being recorded. The iRecord interpreted those bits of silence as track breaks. The demo versions are several different early recordings of the same song strung together, but again with silence between, so the iRecord split them into pieces. Audacity was a champ again, though, rejoining all the parts of this album, one of the gems in my collection.

It's very meditative watching a beautiful marbled record playing the Beatles and Donovan singing Hare Krishna with the Maharishi. Lets one remove oneself from the normal flow of time, the record's going 'round seemingly replacing the clock's. Nice on a Friday of a week so emotionally trying and psychologically bizarre. Relaxed my stomach for a little bit anyways.


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