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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

People Are People [EC]

Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode

I didn't buy an album of DM's until "Songs Of Faith And Devotion" came out in '93. The song "Walking In My Shoes" played a lot on the radio and when I listened to the whole album, I was pretty dang impressed. Turns out I just about knew every song on "Some Great Reward" from the radio growing up as well. I hadn't put them all together.

Through the words of Martin Gore and the voice of Dave Gahan, Depeche Mode definitely reveals its passion for humanity, tolerant of every individual's frailties. If only people would listen and ask "Help me understand" large scale conflicts between nations and small scale disagreements between neighbors could, I think, be resolved without so much collateral damage.

For all the discussion about the use of synthesizers during the 80s, great music is great music and has the power to change hearts.



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