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Friday, November 14, 2008

Express Yourself [EC]

Ice CubeSince N.W.A. put gangsta rap on the map with the MTV video of "Express Yourself", Cube's been tellin' his story. It ain't pretty. Even today (this is some heavy shit).

He said in a recent interview, "Rap is a mirror. And if you're ugly, you can't blame the mirror."

What do you think?

Creative-types who speak their truths, tell their stories, catch flack from other public figures and groups if that truth is disturbing. Are they creating more ugly? Is reaction, fear fear fear fear, ever better than thoughtful action, love love love love?

Ask yourself why, like the little kid, "Why why why why?" What's the intent? What's my intent? Why do I feel like doing this, why did I do that?

My intent with this piece is to bring peace. Little by little.

Help me?


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