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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ignorance Or Bliss

Billie Joe ArmstrongThis is for my neice, Jason's older daughter. Losing my brother-in-law is a pain, a knowledge, I could do without. Blissful ignorance. But this isn't about that.

I don't like being ignored. The reason isn't my ego. Well, partially it is. But not entirely.

The main reason is that I know people are missing out on something cool. If they ignore me, then they don't get to see my art. This probably sounds pretty arrogant, the self-important professional artist spouting off about how good his art is again. Maybe it is.

But I know what a kick people get out of seeing my art, maybe not bliss, but certainly a bit of enjoyment. I don't necessarily mean buying one for themselves or even giving one as a gift. I mean just seeing them. Taking the moment to get what it is, to remember their favorite music, to wonder what that would look like as a piece of Vinyl Art, and then maybe wanting one enough to tell somebody else about it.

So, I know I can't ask the people who ignore me why they do. But I can ask you, you who've been so kind as to read this, check out a few of those old posts, and give that bit of attention, that energy, that moment of your life to see my art. I can ask you, are you glad you know?

Also, like the above posts all from before, does anybody know how to get back blissful ignorance?

Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?


SOLD - Billie Joe Armstrong 11/19/08


szeto said...

we're not ignoring you:

d.edlen said...

You guys are the ones who aren't. I know that, even if you don't comment.

And, wow! Two posts about me in connection with the Red Bull Wax Museum! Sweet. Thanks, man.

It's not readers of this blog that I feel ignored by at all. It's those emails, form submissions, blog comments and so forth, that I put out there to no avail. It won't stop me from doing it, I just wish I knew why some miss their mark.


bonnie said...

Hey Daniel...the return of blissful ignorance?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, of course!
And, just noticed your Sally Fields AA header over there on the right>>>>>>>>>.

From the Flying Nun to Norma Rae - now that's what I call change.

triiibe on!