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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vinyl Art Available At The Record Ranch

George Harrison

I've been given the opportunity to try out this new auction site, one devoted to music and music-related items. My friend Robert Benson, who gave me these seriously beat-up Beatles albums to use, introduced me to Chris, the guy running it. It's more down-home feeling than monsterous eBay, with free basic listings. Sellers only pay if the item sells. You can create a "store", and list items for much longer than on eBay. Another cool thing is that the site automatically extends auctions if someone tries to automatically outbid at the last second. Long have I been leery of participating in eBay auctions because items are usually "sniped" right at the end.

So we'll see! I put up 6 pieces to start. For those of you familiar with my pricing for framed pieces, they're listed at $25 less to start if you bid. The site also has a "*grab it!" price that's basically like "Buy It Now" on eBay, and I've put them at the same price as here in my gallery.

Hopefully it'll get some more exposure for my work, and maybe even referrals.


George Harrison 11/06/08

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