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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

19 Memorable Actors

I just saw "The Straight Story" on TV during lunch after painting this one. If you haven't, rent it, take a chunk of time and watch it. I'd seen it when it came out in the theaters and it hasn't lost its impact. Not at all what one would expect from the director of "Blue Velvet", but oh my goodness what a beautiful movie. Poignant. Everything succinctly said with no unnecessary off-topic dialog. And the soundtrack is gorgeous. I remember when I saw it in the theater I almost couldn't see because I was constantly welling up with tears. Did today too.

David Lynch is so good at casting his movies. It got me thinking about actors that have had a lasting impact on me. Some are comedic geniuses and some are dramatic powerhouses, some both! In no particular order:

Jack Nicholson
Marlon Brando
Johnny Depp
Steve Martin
Katherine Hepburn
Cary Grant
John Cleese
John Goodman
Christopher Walken
Kevin Spacey
Sandra Bullock
Gary Oldman
Brad Pitt
Bill Murray
John Turturro
Dustin Hoffman
Jimmy Stewart
Robert De Niro
Michelle Pfeiffer

Another odd list when I look back at it. Performances that have stuck with me though, for sure. Who'd be on your list? I really would like to know. Please give me comments and see the new-ish gallery layout when you:


won't you?

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