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Friday, September 21, 2007

Papa's Got A Reused Recycled Bag

James Brown - (i) inspired by photo by David RedfernI hadn't thought of this before, but you could call my work "recycled art". I am repurposing beat-up LPs, saving them from the landfill. I like it. Jennifer Chait of thought of it.

We get to see the Arctic Monkeys tonight! It'll be awhile before our next concert I think. We're going to see The Verve in London in November.

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready for my first group show! Primitive Kool is including me in their October exhibit/beach party. I get to do some 20 pieces! James Brown and Ella Fitzgerald were first, with Marvin Gaye next. Who do you think I should do? I've got a good list together but I'd love suggestions. If you need to see others I've done:


and please feel free to call me. That's why I put my phone number up.

James Brown 09/21/07


Niall said...

Daniel...Hi! I've arrived here by recommendation from Ascender's blog..I work exclusively with 'Hyperpointillism'. I like your portraits..a great idea which i've never seen before..they'd look great hanging in Hard rock Cafe (is that still going?..) and other such places! I wish you every sucess...brilliant!

d.edlen said...

Thanks for the comment! Glad to get second degree contact as well. It's nice to see it spread. I have contacted a couple large corporations about showing my work with no avail as of yet, but we'll see! Stay tuned, or subscribed, I guess, :).