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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Creative Repetition - Top 8 Musical Examples

One thing I really admire is consistency. Luke Chueh is a lowbrow artist who's got it down. At it's base, consistency is sophisticated repetition, I think. Warhol. You know. It's what I strive for, especially when I do more than one of the same image. These are handpainted, but I try to get them as close as possible. They always have their own character, but they do stand up to the side-by-side test.

In music, same thing. I like looping and repeated melodies. Philip Glass and Steve Reich are pioneers in modern classical music (gotta love that oxymoron). The Beatles were one of the first bands to use loops in popular music. During my teen years, at one point I got into electronica and sampling at the same time. Here are some albums that defined those genres for me:

"Le Parc" by Tangerine Dream
"Endtroducing" by DJ Shadow
"Lifeforms" by Future Sound of London
"Dig Your Own Hole" by The Chemical Brothers
"The Grassy Knoll" by The Grassy Knoll
"Maxinquaye" by Tricky
"Incunabula" by Autechre
"I Was Young and I Needed the Money!" by Clifford Gilberto

Looking through my collection, I found a whole bunch more, but these are the standouts for me. At some point I'll tell you how some of these, along with a bit of teen angst led me into industrial and heavy metal. Fun stuff. Now I listen to funk and blues while I paint legends like B.B. King. My online gallery now has PayPal Buy it Now buttons for some immediately available pieces, so:


and see if one you want is already for sale!

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