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Thursday, August 6, 2009

We Need Music To Keep Us Sane

Neil Young Yeah. Well said by Ann who commissioned this Neil Young. Here's how she explained why she wanted the piece:

"I would like Neil Young on the Rust Never Sleeps album. Also, if possible, I would like Neil's picture to be of him at about that time... so, younger than the one I saw of Neil on your website.

My brother died when he was 23 - very unexpectedly. He was a great fan of Neil (as am I). He had been learning to play "The Thrasher" on his acoustic guitar. About 2 months before his death, my brother and I went to see the Movie - Rust Never Sleeps.

Neil is my hero - but it would also be my own private reminder of a special memory of my brother, Mike."

That's why I create these.

Shortly after Jason died I wrote It's long-winded and philosophical, as I was trying to get a handle on an unhandleable event.

Still trying.


SOLD - Neil Young 08/04/09

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Daniel's wonderful artwork has not arrived yet, so seeing it here is my first glimpse. To say I love it does not do justice. I am trying to find the perfect words and they are escaping me. So, that's what is meant to be...the absence can speak for itself. Thanks so much, Daniel.