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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Facebook Fans And Google Maps

Thanks to Barb at I now have a fan page on Facebook. She made me an admin so I can edit and post, as well. I've got 35 fans there already! Pretty cool. I've uploaded my interview video to compliment the examples Barb uploaded. I also linked this blog, providing another way to keep up with my posts, and to comment.

That's the important part, the commenting. The coolest potential I see for the Facebook fan page is as a forum. Sure I'll post updates and news, but I'm not going to stream my tweets or push blog posts. I want it to be a place where you who like Facebook and feel more comfortable sharing there, share! I unmoderated comments on this blog hoping more people would comment and maybe get discussions going, but like Twitter, most posts remain me sharing with you. That's ok, but I want there to be somewhere you share too, and with each other.

I also created a Google Map at showing the states where people have bought my Vinyl Art, 20 so far! If you have a Google account, you can comment there as well. Hopefully some people who own pieces will say howdy and maybe share stories about the piece and update us on anything they want.

As I've said before, I want one use of my art to be as a way to gather again, to share our passion for music and celebrate our culture. In today's online world, more and more, music is only an MP3 on an iPod, infinitely shareable yes, but with no artifact, nothing to hold onto. A fancy word people use is "totem", something to grab and to share, providing a sense of community, of shared experience. My wife's collection of concert tickets are her totems.

So I hope you'll join in. Don't be shy. Talk about anything that fits in with music, art, culture, memory, and Life. It's all good. Let my work be your totem. See you on Facebook?


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