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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vinyl Art Goes To London!

pieces in Noise Of Art 2009 - Hendrix (i)inspired by Donald Silverstein, Joe Strummer, Jimmy Page (i)inspired by Dick Barnatt, and Lennon (i)inspired by Astrid Kirchherr
This is a better picture of the 4 pieces I sent to the Noise Of Art 2009. I've shared why I'm so excited about this show, at least my art getting to visit London. Apparently they've gotten a lot more participants, necessitating a flyer redo:

Noise Of Art 2009 So now I'm on there! Sweet.

If you happen to live near the show's location or will be visiting then, try to make it. The show should be cool. If you do go, take some pics. If you get a shot of my pieces and send it to me, I'll send you something fun!


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