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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Free Sticker FUN

David Gilmour and Bob Marley

Yesterday I realized I needed to have more fun. Not that I haven't been enjoying what I've been doing, I just haven't been having FUN. You know, the kind of fun that deserves all caps. So now in addition to taking my time, I'm going to have FUN.

Quite awhile ago, I'd started doing stickers. On the sly. Underground. Layered spray paint and then a small face with a VA logo. I gave them away free, occasionally in trade for other stickers.

My plan was to do more and surprise buyers of Vinyl Art with them, people who'd stuck by me (ah jeez, sorry for the pun) and not only kept up with my work, but shared it as well. Kind of a special thank you. Still on the sly. Still given for free.

I'm doin' it. For FUN.


(Hehe, this is my 420th post and I painted Gilmour and Marley. 420. You know.)

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