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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sell Hard

Page and Plant Am I revealing too much? Am I dealing too much?
Am I revealing my dealings too much?
Three a day I must get paid, if supporting my family
with my art someday. So I sell hard.

Quite awhile back one told me I should
write like I paint, with music that is good
playing behind, driving my mind.
Letting it flow down my spine. So I sell hard.

Trivial pursuits in pursuit of being known,
man if it were that easy, to get shown. Alone
sitting in front of the box, taking hard knocks,
but persisting for little Abbey. So I sell hard.

Yep, the little one on the way, can't wait for
the day. She'll turn my life upside down, more-
over make it whole. But I gotta stay in control
of it to make a go of it. So I sell hard.

But do I hard sell?



lloydzeffler said...

turn your life upside down is an understatement.

It will be fantastic, and terrifying.

Ken Robert said...

You paint three a day? Amazing.

d.edlen said...

"Never apologize for having passion about your life and the positive effect that you can have and have already demonstrated through your efforts. I believe that what you are selling is a physical manifestation of the joy that music can bring into your life. The people that don't get it will probably never get it. This has never stopped me and it won't stop you either. Capitalism can be a good thing when partnered with the right motivations and a meaningful outcome."

- Rodney