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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cyclical Vs. Growth

Oasis No, this isn't about stock market investing, although the differentiation of companies based upon the same terms is in the back of my head. I used to pay attention to the market. Now our equity is in our house.

Anyway, our economy values growth, always looking for charts of earnings that go upward steadily seemingly to infinity. We also value growth as we try to achieve in our lives, always looking for charts of scores and measurements that go upward steadily seemingly to infinity. Doing better is the goal, making more, finishing faster, whatever. Comparison is the name of the game, comparison to the past, our past and the pasts of others. Judgement.

Then, there're cyclical things, like farming. Like the seasons. Like, well, life and death. There're no comparisons. Charts go up and down rhythmically, predictably within reason, with no better or worse. Certainly one can compare from one cycle to the next, looking at statistics that turn into theoretical scary situations like global warming or flu pandemics. Now this isn't to dispute those theories and their supporting data. But cyclical things are best lived in the moment. It's very Zen-like when allowed to be what it is. You plant, you feed, you water, you tend, you harvest. You eat. Trees don't seem to care about previous Falls. You don't hear trees complaining about how beautiful their colors were last year. Cyclical things are peaceful because they recognize existence is perfect simply because it exists.

My mind's a bit mushy today, with oil changes and cooking and art shows and especially baby on the brain, but I do know in my gut that I like cyclical things. They are Life, and if lived, they make the moments thereof full. This isn't to say I don't like growth, but charts can't ever really keep going on to infinity, can they?


SOLD - Oasis 08/17/09

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