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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Majesty Of Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel - (i) inspired by photo by Trevor KeySo a fellow commissioned 4 pieces today! He even knew which albums he wanted me to use. Check this out: Jim Morrison on "The Doors", Roger Waters on "The Final Cut", Jimi Hendrix on "Are You Experienced?" and Peter Gabriel on "So".


Even better Gabriel is his, as well as my, favorite artist. Of course "Sledgehammer" and "Big Time" on MTV introduced me to him, and I know I've talked about him before. But here's why he's my favorite:

Shock The Monkey
Dancing With The Moonlit Night (Genesis live)
Digging In The Dirt (live)
The Rhythm Of The Heat


SOLD - Peter Gabriel 08/12/09

1 comment:

Go Nicole Yourself said...

A friend told me of your art and I came looking for my all time fave - Peter Gabriel - and I see its sold! If you ever do more of him, I'd love to see them!