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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's The One Album?

New York Dolls
Paul up in Canada bought this early last year. His feedback is also on my testimonial page. He recently bought a Billie Holiday as well. Billie's music and the man who introduced him to her helped Paul see his way out of his "hopelessly mixed up" teen years. I'll share more of that story when he sends me a photo of the Holiday displayed in his home.

It was, though, the New York Dolls and this album in particular that opened him up to the vast array of "new" music, including jazz. In fact, this album on which I painted was his actual album, played so much that it wouldn't play anymore. What a cool way to remember his music, with a piece of art created with that music! And here it is, on his mantle.

For me, that one album was "Revolver" by The Beatles which really opened my eyes to the possibilities in music.

What's your one album?



Paul said...

Thanks for keeping my album alive, without your expertise and artist's eye this would have languished, buried away in my collection. Needless to say I'm eagerly awaiting Billie..
All the best

Jeff said...

Dark Side of the Moon opened me up musically to an array of different music. Without Dark Side I have no idea what I would be listening to right now. It will and always be my favorite album.