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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Original Copy (Or Don't Spoil The Broth)


Can you tell which is which?

I received the artist's proofs for this project along with the originals. Upon opening the box, as I wasn't sure what they'd sent, when I grabbed the clear plastic sleeve with the proofs in it and it flopped around I was confused. I thought the proofs were the originals! Holy crap! The scan even captured a bit of the shadow cast by the record onto the sleeve and the grooves are visible at the right angle.

I don't know how I feel! Man, I'm blown away at the quality, so I'm really hopeful the Hard Rock likes the result. At the same time, though... I'm just glad this is a very limited edition in scope. Not because I'm unhappy I did it, but because I feel like I let a little control go over my art.

I know I didn't really because of the stringent contract, but I'm used to doing everything, making every decision and controlling every step. I'm the kinda guy who doesn't ask for help. So this is probably good for me, learning to trust others to do what they do. I mean, I don't try to take control of how a meal at a restaurant is prepared beyond making sure my order is taken accurately.

Fortunately, for this first meal at The Repro Diner, the restaurant manager, the waitress, the cook, and the ingredients were all top notch. And the menu description was appealing and accurate.



Wei Chen said...

wow this is quite amazing. is right hand side the replica? so which is which?

d.edlen said...

Hey Wei!

Yeah, oops, I guess I didn't say. You're right though. :)

Anonymous said...

the one on left is original...can tell by shading of shaved area, plus lower right a superb copy tho, that's for sure!!!

not to worry about control loss: your originals are truly original :-)