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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's Your Favorite Instrument?

Booker T. Jones - (i) inspired by photo by Baron Wolman
Mine's the Hammond organ. Both organic and electronic sounding, the growl of this electric organ just sends me. From CSN&Y to the Allman Bros., from Yes to ELP, from Jimmy Smith to Larry Goldings, from Ray Manzarek to John Medeski, from Reese Wynans to Rick Wright, and from Isaac Hayes to Booker T. & the MGs, I love the sounds different players coax and force out of this instrument.

Booker T. of course recorded his group's song, "Green Onions", which is one of my favorite instrumentals, along with the Allman Bros. "In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed". The recordings on Blue Note during the early '60s, including Lou Donaldson and Grant Green's, have some of the funkiest Hammond ever. All seriously funkin' good music.

I loved it so much that I took a break from playing piano, which I'd played as a hobby since my mom put me in Yamaha classes, to learn the Hammond and specifically the solo from "Green Onions". Never got very good at it, but it felt good playing it, the way the organ vibrates.

What's your favorite instrument to hear? To play?


Booker T. Jones 02/24/09


bonnie said...

Hey Daniel - my favorite instrument to play - the piano - my favorite instrument to hear, tie bewtween pipe organ and violin. thanks for askin'!

triiibe on!

classicrockforthesoul said...

Love the Allman Brothers! (also a fan of "Elizabeth Reed" as well as "Little Martha")

I enjoy playing piano when I can, and as far as my favorite instrument to hear... it's gotta be the guitar. There's something special about slide guitar that gives me chills. Not sure why haha.

Anywho, great job with Booker T.! Looks awesome

Clint Watson said...

Favorite to hear: Guitar, Favorite to play: Guitar.