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Friday, February 27, 2009

You Create The Meaning Of Vinyl Art

Jerry Garcia - (i) inspired by photo by Herb GreeneAbout a year ago now, I ran a contest on this blog. The best story about how music affected you would win a piece of Vinyl Art of the musician of your choice. Patrick submitted a link to an amazing story about his 1st Grateful Dead show. It was really the only entry, but he definitely deserved it. When he got the piece, he posted a pic on his blog. Now the piece hangs above his record collection.

Patrick is the perfect person to have a piece of Vinyl Art. He has and continues to be a huge music fan, it having played a major role throughout his life. His long-term focus on the Dead made Jerry the obvious choice, but his love of music made the art meaningful.

Yesterday I posted about considering my art a mashup of the music and the painting, but the owner has a part too. A big part. Whether a contest prize, a gift, a commission, or gallery purchase, you become a part of the art and what it means when you own it. You own it just as you own your connection to your music. It means what it does because of you and your love of your music.

Yes, you give meaning to what I do. So, thank you!



classicrockforthesoul said...

I wish I would've been around here a year ago to enter into that contest! When's the next one? ;)

Very cool!!

d.edlen said...

:) I'm not sure yet. I've got more regular readers now, and some repeat commenters, so I might do another contest. Thanks for the thought!