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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Space And Time

The Verve

Beautiful song from an amazing band. The Verve have joined with a bunch of other largely British bands to fight for more equitable contracts with record companies. The middlemen are becoming commoditized, yet still vital.

I began to think of how amazing it is that I can reach so many so fast with my art all seemingly on my own. In this amazing world at this amazing time, individuals can make a difference much more massively and more quickly than ever before. Distribution of content has definitely changed. It's shifted from tell me to show me.

But it's not true that it's all on my own. I've hired a webhost to store and distribute my website. Yes, this blog is free through Google, but I have to pay my cable company for Internet access to publish it.

They aren't book publishers and libraries, but they are distributors and infrastructure. Without them, this modern world just might disappear.


SOLD - The Verve 02/05/09

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