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Friday, March 28, 2008

Beats Me What To Call This Post

New York DollsI hope I did it justice, this painting of Thunders and Johansen on an album the guy sent me from Canada. It was the one he played into the ground, so I'm sure it means a lot. It was pretty dang difficult to find a picture good enough to use of both band members from the right time period, blasted punks, ;)

I still feel so scattered, unable to focus on things which require any. Let's see... I got the truck emissions checked, mowed the backyard, weeded, did dishes and laundry... I need to send money so our oldest dog stays legal... oh yeah, that was what I wanted to talk about: we're going to Vegas! We're supposed to do things that would usually make us happy, and, oh boy, The Verve are playing The Pearl at The Palms! They're only playing a few gigs in the U.S. and it looks like this is the smallest venue at 2500. This time we bought tickets with assigned seats, looks like pretty good ones, so we won't be as close as in London but we'll be more comfortable. The acoustics are supposed to be excellent, so it should be a great show. Hopefully they'll play some more new songs from their upcoming album.

Sorry these posts are rambling, my mind isn't working right... but, um, right, the new photo setup. I just got this Tabletop Photo Studio through SkyMall. I'm hoping it'll eliminate the spotlight glare streaking across the records. I'll take a shot of what I'm using now, as well as taking shots of a piece in both setups. I figured it was worth a try. I might even be able to take pictures of them framed too!

Another new toy I got from SkyMall is the iRecord magic white box. So far I've updated the firmware and downloaded the settings program. I was surprised I was able to follow the instructions for the firmware given my current mental state, but I did it without messing it up completely. Next I've got to check the internal settings, and then figure out how to hook it up to record my vinyl. Hope it works. The company supposedly provides good customer support, so they could help me tweak it if there're any hitches. We'll see.

Last thing is the show in Canada had over 100 pieces! It's so cool that people are finding a creative use for records. I hope mine stand out because I paint the recording artist on their own album, but I love seeing the compositions of other artists. I wonder if mine sold?

Gotta go do something... it'll come to me.

SOLD - New York Dolls 03/28/08

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