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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Art And Music Together

Vinyl Art - Daniel Edlen - package received - ArizonaWhew. Rodrigo received them up in Canada. That's him holding my James Brown. They've gotten some comments already on Flickr, so hopefully they'll get a good response at the show. It's been publicized in Juxtapoz, which I think is a pretty big deal.

I've started on the ones for the Part Art Show in Manhattan's Lower East Side. I'll throw up a couple photos tomorrow. I think I'm going to do 8, including Mick Jagger and Lou Reed.

Another blog has posted an interview with me, pretty cool to be approached for free publicity! Nicely written intro too.

On a different note, I'm looking into a way to transfer my vinyl to MP3 files. In the SkyMall catalog that I perused on the way to Austin I found the iRecord, a little white box that takes the normal RCA inputs for audio/video and outputs to USB storage devices, including iPods. I think it'd be more useful than the USB turntables because we could also use it for audio and video cassettes. Other than CNET I couldn't find much about it online that I'd consider reliable. Has anyone used this magical blinking box?

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