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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sometimes You Just Know

Jerry Garcia - (i) inspired by photo by Tom Hagerty in 1979 Last year, I got one real entry for my contest. And it was a real good one. This is a post of my thoughts about it with a shot of the winner's Jerry hanging in his home and link to his entry. This year, I've gotten great entries so far, with 5 days to go. I'm humbled by the submissions and honored that you've taken the time and attention to share your stories.

When I saw the photo of Jerry I drew inspiration from for the piece above, I just knew it would make a great piece of Vinyl Art...

... I'm sorry, what?

I. What? A shudder, you know, the bad tingly feeling going down your spine out to your fingers, just hit me. I just saw the news. I'm typing slowly, forced to by the tears welling up.

The 50 year old child is gone.

I had a weird sickening feeling earlier today as I waited for my wife to have lunch with me. Wasn't sure why.

Now I know.

Rest In Peace, Michael.
Jerry Garcia 06/25/09


getpalmd said...

The Michael Jackson vinyl you have in your Etsy shop is AMAZING.. don't sell it yet, I'm saving for it, haha! Truly amazing shop and talent, wouldn't have found it if I hadn't searched for MJ so glad I did :-)

Art Rock said...

Put your blog as an entry in mine:

Great work!