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Monday, June 15, 2009

Why DID I Buy Hugh's Book?

Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod w/ my receipt

Fear of exclusion from the conversation.

No, that's negative.

Desire to be included, to belong, to be human.

That's more like it.

I've known Hugh's book would be out for quite awhile. I'd read the original blog posts that turned into the book. I'd received the PDF copy of that initial version from a friend on Twitter.

But a funny feeling came over me when I knew they were actually available in the Barnes & Noble down the street. That "I have to have it" feeling. You know?

Sure, I could justify buying it because Seth told me it was different from the previous versions of the content, but it wasn't that. In truth, it wasn't the content of the book driving my emotion. It was the social content of the object itself.

I subscribe to Hugh's newsletter, one of very few things to which I've given my permission to push content to me. It's Hugh's story that is so captivating for me, his Life. Whatever he creates, the biz card doodles, the moleskine drawings, the wine promotion, the corporate marketing, it's his story and the way he tells it through his communication, his humanity that gets me. I don't really know why, and it doesn't really matter. But I feel actually lucky to be a part of his conversation with the Universe.

I actually got a little endorphine rush seeing 2 copies of the book on the shelf in the business leadership section. I almost bought both, so I could give one away.

I'll certainly read it and probably post a bit about the content, but I wanted to share this part of my conversation with the Universe with you.



Julie Poplawski said...

Love it I am new to Hugh but like his style. Information feels "good" like eating spinach but delivery is entertaining and delicious like eating creamed spinach! thanks for your blog - I like your style too! clear and honest!

d.edlen said...

Thanks Julie. Honest is all I can be, but clear is good to hear. Glad both come across here.


Jill Elswick said...

I had the book in my Amazon cart saved "for later" when I saw a tweet from Hugh two days ago about free, signed copies he was giving away to the first 500 people who provided him with proof of an order & a U.S. address. I went ahead and ordered. I haven't yet heard back from Hugh, though, on whether I made it in time to get the free book.