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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Life Online

I just read a post by Trent Reznor on his NIN site basically about backing away from social media and life online in general. See, he's in love. So cool. It's great to be able to see into other people's bubbles.

What's awesome is that he's just a guy. A guy like you and me, living his Life. That's what's so cool about this new direct connection between creators and consumers. I strike up a conversation online with Jason and then he ends up commissioning this Bono for his wife for their anniversary. No middleman, no service provider other than the mostly invisible network provider and Twitter. Just Jason and I.

I think what's happening is sort of the re-humanization of money, capitalism, commercialism, consumerism, and production. We get to see Pres. Obama eating a burger, looking at art. Yes it's a buzzword, but transparency is truly a good thing.

I know I pay more attention now to checkers at stores. I think more about the workers at the factory that made the crap I'm buying. I think more about the farmers and the people who made the machines that feed me. I feel connected to people through stuff. Not isolated by that stuff.

Hugh MacLeod just got his brilliance published, in the system, at Border's. You can buy it on Amazon for your Kindle. Cool. Even cooler is that I have a connection with him, personally, online. It is real, true.

For someone basically just starting out, just reaching out to find his audience, the ability to connect directly, genuinely is amazing. One can develop a friendship with someone in Chicago or Canada just as easily as around the corner. That friendship can involve commerce just as easily, without establishing the traditional salesman/customer relationship that essentially isn't real. One can truly connect with humanity, with creativity, with culture. One can have those connections with fans who are friends and friends who are fans, people who come to care.

You realize, I'm talking about me and you.


SOLD - Bono 06/10/09


Jason D Barr said...

Awesome. I'm loving this, Daniel; it looks great. Thanks again!

Amber said...

Yeah, I agree. And the Bono painting is awesome. I'll try really, really hard not to be jealous. ;)

Mary Anne Davis said...

heh. Rock on. Going public like this is somehow liberating. I have 20 years of works on paper stored carefully in archival boxes and I am making new pieces all the time. Oh, but they are personal, a friend of mine says. They are part of my art, in fact. Much more immediate than my ceramics. I wonder what people will think? I wonder if they will inspire something that might not have been inspired if I hadn't published them? Thanks for pointing me to this post. :) pax

Dimitri said...

Awesome man. It looks like there really is hope for us artists!