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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Zero Down

So with my budget of no money and some time, I need to get the biggest bang for, well, no bucks. Online promotion is definitely no longer an underground venture. Look at CNN with its YouTube debate. The difficulty is getting it all to catch on, "go viral" is it? That's where I'm treading water, yes keeping afloat, but not making much noticeable headway. My goal is lofty, I know, so headway might appear small, but I crave response. As humans we have passions that we want acknowledged. I get amazing and wonderful response from my wife, my family, and their unbelievable support which has helped me in no small way get my venture to where it is now. But I feel it's time for wider-scale feedback.

I made a start, giving away several of my works through local radio stations. They took my paintings and gave them to winners of contests associated with current concerts. Oh, if you don't get the association with current concerts:


but the feedback from the public has not yet been forthcoming.

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