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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Feedburner Activated - Television Gathering Dust

My first post that'll be sent through Feedburner! Don't know if anyone'll get it, but it's there! RSS/Atom subscriptions are kinda like TV, I guess. Or maybe Tivo. Anyway, it's like push *and* pull content combined. I like it. I was at UCLA in the late '90s when the Internet and World Wide Web were just getting public interest. I got so interested in the underlying technology and software that I changed majors to the computer science-based Cybernetics.

Way off topic, sorry. Won't get into THAT too much. Suffice it to say that television took up much less of my time. Yet, TV was and is an important influence on me. It's helped develop my visual aesthetic, my sense of humor, and my ability to sit comfortably without moving for hours. Great pop culture skills. There were many shows that have become embedded in my media-saturated brain, but here're the ones that stand out:

The Simpsons

Get Smart

Looney Toons

High-class humor, huh? But so creative and, really, kind of revolutionary for their time. They each had their impact on our culture and on me. At the very least, I really really REALLY wanted a shoe-phone. And now, amazingly, my phone *could* fit in my shoe under my foot if I wanted a smelly phone. And you could get my post on your phone! What a world. Well, it'll all help to spread my idea if you:


and tell your friends!


AscenderRisesAbove said...

a brilliant art concept! enjoyed the detail you put into each piece. it would be fun to see a wall displayed with them all

d.edlen said...

My first comment! Thank you! I appreciate the appreciation. I agree about the wall of them. We're actually planning on creating a gallery room in our house with black walls and small halogen lights to showcase them. I've wanted to see them displayed in the galleries that have them too.