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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Clearly Blue

It doth appear that a move to Austin isn't in the cards at the moment. Kinda sucks, but Life happens, you know? So I decided to do a special piece of Vinyl Art. I'd been saving this clear blue record and rediscovered it while tidying up my art room.

The above shot is backlit through a window. Below is a shot in my little tabletop photo booth.

Since the record is special, I'm making the price special. Well, higher. This is only the second piece I've done on clear colored vinyl. I'm not saying it'll be the last (I've got a purple Prince single somewhere), but it will be a rare occurrence, and it's harder to paint. And Elvis is cool, I think. I listened to Dire Strait's "Calling Elvis" earlier painting Knopfler.

So this piece is $250. Fair enough?


SOLD - Elvis Presley 04/07/09

1 comment:

classicrockforthesoul said...

Oh wow!! That is amazingly unique.

That's pretty much a one-of-its-kind piece -- I'm just a broke college student, but I'd say that's a very fair price.
Great job!