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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vinyl Art Merch And T-Shirt Contest

So, I have my logo trademarked. I've been thinking about merch that I could get out there to increase awareness of what I do farther beyond this world online and so you can support my work.

My Kings Of Leon bottle-opener keychain is awesome. I use it a lot. It's attached to my wallet so I see it every time I buy something or go to give my business card to somebody. Maybe fans of my work would do the same?

I don't know how many people who've received my oval vinyl stickers have stuck them somewhere, but I do like being able to give them away. Now I want to have some things made that people can buy, though, to show their support beyond or instead of buying piece of Vinyl Art.

A company I found does cool custom metal keychains for a very reasonable price. Above is a mockup of what I'm thinking of getting. It'd be around 1" x 2". The back would likely have my phone number and website engraved lengthwise.

What do you think? Would you pay $6 or $7 for one? Would you use it?

Speaking of the Kings Of Leon, I've entered a t-shirt contest the band is running. I got all fancy with Photoshop and created a faded version of my paintings of the Followills on a dark grey shirt. The record label shows up too. I think it's kinda neat. In fact, with my VA logo somewhere, it might make another good merch idea! I could put popular single portraits on the front and my logo, name, and website on the back.

Take a look, and after you vote for me ;), tell me what you think. Would you buy one of your favorite musician or portrait of mine? Would you wear it?



classicrockforthesoul said...

Awesome t-shirt design -- funny that you should discuss that because they just had a t-shirt contest for Fleetwood Mac. And there were some really AWESOME ideas that fans sent in.
So yes, I'd totally wear a t-shirt like that with my favorite musicians on it.

Nice keychain design too. Very sleek looking. I like it! Great job.

Tanya said...

wow.. thats a innovative impressed! oh and if you wanna consider.. i submit designs to this really cool site called they hav a whole comunity of designers there.. you shud try.. and prolly win one of those fun contests they hav round th clock.. i really wish for u to join.. since i'd love wearing one of your funky prints...
anyway.. thats a great design... where do i vote??
keep up the awesomeness!

Tanya said...

by the way!! u really painted that1?!?! classic!

Goat said...

Shirts look awesome! Good luck!

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