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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

33 1/3

George Clinton

I'm 33 1/3 years old today. And this is my 333rd post. Kinda cool. I waited a day so it would coincide. :)

I love vinyl, LPs, 33 1/3 rpm pieces of PVC. Magic. How did NASA decide to send out a "hello" to any other Life out there? On a record. Granted it was metal and 16-something rpm, but it was a record. How cool.

It is awesome that albums like Pearl Jam's "Ten" and Nirvana's "Nevermind" are being reissued. A whole new generation, and the previously disillusioned generation, can once again revel in the pops and ticks and warmth of vinyl. You know, I really don't hear many pops and ticks on my records. Just the warmth.

Hopefully my art will become what I want, inspiration for connection. Connection to other people, to your memory, to your culture, to your heart and soul. Music has that power. Has that warmth of human creativity that can bring people together in time and space.

In my effort to create those connections, I've posted for sale 10 pieces of my Vinyl Art on a site whose goal is harvesting American creativity. Check them out. They're a wee bit more to give a wee bit more in commission to Larry and Sharon. Cool people. Their main business has been as production designers/managers for some big names in American music's history. They too created art in order to bring people together to celebrate culture, to revel in music's power to unite and move.

With a floppy 12" diameter piece of plastic with a groove in it. A groove in it.

"Get up for the down stroke. Everybody get up!"


SOLD - George Clinton 03/18/09

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classicrockforthesoul said...


I heard today on Sirius satellite radio - Channel 14 which is Classic Vinyl - that this weekend they will be counting down the 33 Most Influential Classic Rock Albums. Should be good!