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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fragile Depths

Watch, listen, and read the lyrics sung so deeply just months before. Could you tell where his life was heading?

I was flat on my back in bed for hours after hearing, listening to "Nevermind" as loud as possible.


SOLD - Kurt Cobain 03/25/09


d.edlen said...

BTW, today was the day back in '94 that Courtney Love and friends held an intervention to get Kurt to enter detox at the Exodus Recovery Center. Odd name. Telling in this case as he left on his final journey home shortly after arriving.

Jeff said...

Daniel, have you ever read Heavier Than Heaven by Charles Cross. It's a great bio on Kurt Cobain. It has a little bit of a bias towards Courtney Love because of the authors relationship with her, but otherwise it's an excellent read.

I'm pretty excited that they are re-releasing Nevermind, Unplugged, and In Utero on vinyl. I'll probably try to get my hands on all of them if the price is right.

d.edlen said...

Jeff, if you buy them just make sure the albums are factory sealed or you can take a look at them. This was a reissue I bought on eBay that had a thick plastic envelope instead of shrink wrap. All I can say is that had I been buying this to listen to, I would've been pissed off. It was terrible! It had little scratches everywhere almost like it had been sanded or fine sand had gotten into the sleeve and the record had slid around grinding the sand into it.

Jeff said...

My local record store doesn't sell new vinyls which means I'll probably have to resort to Best Buy or something to get copies so hopefully I won't have to worry about that problem

chalky said...

I was listening to a lot of songs from Nevermind a couple of days ago - Lounge Act always gets me, great track. Can't believe how long it's been. I can remember the excitement of waiting for In Utero to be released after being blown away and obsessing over Nevermind, Incesticide and Bleach.

These songs stand up well.

d.edlen said...

They do, don't they. The rawness.