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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Can You Hear The Music? [EC]

Mick Jagger - (i) inspired by photo by Peter Lindbergh
It's been awhile since I added to this collection. I haven't had any takers yet on my Vinyl Art tied to charity. Maybe this one'll do the trick.

The Stones are one of the bands that I pretty much always listen to when I paint them. Today I was inspired by the first podcast on a new blog. It's about the Stones' "Some Girls". I was led to Basement Vinyl by a tweet from @JohnCleese. They're going to talk about albums they've collected on vinyl over the years, some 300 of them!

Fortunately, they seem to like my art, based on a tweet back to me. So that's good. I never know how people who love listening to vinyl will react. I've never really cared how those collectors who don't care about the actual music react. You know, the ones who don't play them because they're preserving the value of the record. But I do care how people feel who love vinyl because it sounds better than digital.

I know I care what they feel because I know how I feel about vinyl. My 1000 or so records mean a lot to me. The music in them, in those grooves, has been vital in my life. I start to tear up, feeling moved, just thinking about how much, in fact. I wake up with music in my head, music that if I keep "listening" to will put me back to sleep in a minute. Music drives my creativity, fills my soul. I don't paint on my records. I listen to them when I get a chance, even the really rare ones. There's just something in the fact that each record is an actual physical reproduction of the music. I just love'em.

So, in honor of the start of Annie and Pat's sharing of their collection, I'll donate the $100 to the charity they have on their site, Community FoodBank of New Jersey, in the name of the buyer. Also, again if there happens to be a bunch of interest, we can do an informal auction or something. Let's help them start their blog off with a bang!



Annie said...

Wow, thanks, Daniel! I love this idea. I'll spread the word.

So glad you enjoyed the show :).


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Great image of Mick!